Instadapp Lite


Automating DeFi Strategies
Instadapp Lite Vaults maximizes your gains by reducing the number of transactions, saving on gas and automating fee collection, and simplifies the overall process of setting up and actively monitoring a DeFi strategy.

Vault Rebalancing

Instadapp Lite Vaults will periodically rebalance. Rebalancing can move funds to the withdraw pool, rebalance the vault or deleverage under unfavorable market conditions, these rebalances are automatic but can also be executed by the Instadapp team or through an open incentive mechanism.

Vault Liquidity

Lite vaults are a leveraged strategy, as such this means the vault maintains a reserve which can be redeemed instantly. You can see this on the withdraw panel shown as Availability. .
If for any reason there is not enough liquidity in the withdraw pool or you want to withdraw more than is available, you still redeem your balance by forcing a deleverage to the vault.​

Tokenized Vault Deposits

All deposits on Instadapp Lite vaults are tokenized as iTokens. iTokens are redeemable for their underlying deposit plus interest.