Instadapp Lite

Coinbase Wallet

Access Instadapp Lite using your Coinbase Wallet
Your Coinbase Wallet can access many DApps through its built in web3 browser including Instadapp Lite!

Depositing using Coinbase Wallet

Open the built-in Web3 browser

Open the browser and enter the Lite webpage:​

Depositing into Instadapp Lite Vaults

Your Coinbase wallet should automatically connect and display your current Lite balance otherwise click Connect Wallet and select Coinbase Wallet.
Scroll down to view vaults and find your preferred Lite Vault. Instadapp Lite offers staking powered yields on ETH, WBTC, DAI and USDC.

Review Transaction and Risks

Instadapp Lite is a complex DeFi lego which utilizes many different protocols to generate yield. Coinbase Wallet will show you a preview screen, review and then click confirm to submit the transaction.
Instadapp Lite is a complex DeFi lego with many risks. You can find more information around protocol risks here:
The Coinbase Wallet will also warn you of stETH token access. The function will require access even if you are not using or hold stETH

Submitting and completing Deposit

Once your transaction confirms on chain you will find your deposited balance on the platform. Interest on lite occurs daily you will see your first earnings after 24 hours.

Withdrawing using Coinbase Wallet

Open the Instadapp Lite webpage ( Find your vault and open the panel by clicking Start Earning switch to withdraw, enter the amount and click Withdraw
Review the transaction details and click confirm. After the transaction confirms on chain your withdraw is complete.

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