Instadapp Lite

What is Instadapp Lite?

Welcome to Instadapp Lite Documentation
Instadapp Lite is a set of smart contract vaults that autonomously execute DeFi strategies! Instadapp Lite can be compared to a yield type DApp except Instadapp Lite only executes one kind of strategy using Ethereum Proof of Stake Rewards
Instadapp Lite utilizes protocols like AAVE and Lido Staked Ether (stETH) and Instadapp's own DeFi Smart Account architecture.

POS Rewards Amplified

Instadapp Lite utilizes staking rewards from Ethereum in conjunction with lending protocols to generate an amplified yield on ETH and reliable yields for other liquid assets like WBTC, USDC, and DAI.

Simplifying DeFi Strategies

Instadapp Lite utilizes Instadapp long established DeFi Smart Accounts infrastructure to create vaults. Vaults enable more users to access DeFi through pre-set DeFi strategies making it easier to access! Vaults can also decrease the cost barrier to execute DeFi strategies through tokenization and transaction optimization.

Minimizing Transactions and Gas Costs

Instadapp Lite maximizes your gains by reducing the number of transactions, saving you time, automates fee collection, and can simplify the accounting for earning yield.