Instadapp Lite

Instadapp Lite DApp

Accessing Instadapp Lite through the Webapp
Your primary gateway for Instadapp lite is at:​

Depositing into Vaults

Find which vault you would like to use and click Start Earning button to open the asset panel.
Enter the amount you want to deposit and click Deposit to submit the transactions. (For ETH Vault only: You can deposit ETH or stETH. The vault will swap your ETH to stETH upon deposit.) Once the transaction confirms your deposit is complete.

Withdrawing from Vaults

To withdraw click the withdraw on top. Then enter the amount you would like to redeem and click withdraw and send the transaction to complete! Once the withdrawal is completed on chain your withdrawal is complete!
The ETH Lite vault can return ETH or stETH when withdrawing, all other Lite vaults always return the same deposited asset

Vault Liquidity

Lite vaults are a leveraged strategy, as such this means the vault maintains a reserve which can be redeemed instantly. You can see this on the withdraw panel shown as Availability. The vaults strive to maintain around a 5%-10% withdraw pool but this changes based on different market conditions.
If for any reason there is not enough liquidity in the withdraw pool or you want to withdraw more than is available, you still redeem your entire balance by forcing a deleverage to the vault.