Learn about iTokens your interest earning deposit tokenized
When using Instadapp Lite you will receive iTokens which represent your deposit plus interests
Composability iTokens are standard ERC20 tokens and can be traded, exchanges and used like any other token. iTokens represent your deposit on Instadapp Lite.

Bridging Yields and DeFi Yield Lego

iTokens can be bridged and migrated to other chains, this enables assets to earn yield from Mainnet Ethereum which may be higher and more reliable then other sources. These tokens can always be redeemed on Mainnet for their underlying deposit plus interest. Developers and protocols are open to integrate or build on top of iTokens bringing yields to their products or creating new use cases for iTokens.

Tax and Accounting Benefits

For US and similar tax markets, iTokens provide a tax efficient way to earn high yields! Minimize your tax events by utilizing iTokens. iToken balances do not change in your wallet, instead their underlying value increases and you can redeem your deposit plus interest in the future.

iToken Contract Addresses

Token Address
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Bridging Yields and DeFi Yield Lego
Tax and Accounting Benefits
iToken Contract Addresses