What is Instadapp Lite?
Instadapp Lite is the easiest way to deposit to earn interest from the most popular DeFi strategies on the market. Simple deposit funds into your desired Strategy Vault and thats it! Instadapp Lite maximizes your gains by reducing the number of transactions, saving on gas and automates fee collection, and simplifies the overall process of setting up and actively monitoring a DeFi strategy.
What is a DeFi Strategy?
The most common example would be Yield Farming. When DeFi users yield farm they utilize their assets on defi protocols to maximize yield. The DeFi strategy is the steps, process and method for maximizing the yields from this process. This can involve a series on chain transactions such as swaps, migrating funds, leveraging protocols, claiming staking rewards and other market related activity.
What is a Strategy Vault?
A Strategy Vault is an Instadapp powered smart contract with one goal: to execute DeFi Strategies and earn yield! Using a variety of popular protocols savvy DeFi users can earn interest on their assets through interest, yield farming, or other novel ways to earn yield! Instadapp Lite makes it easy for anyone to deposit and earn on DeFi strategies without having to do the work. More Success! Less Stress!
Whats the difference between Instadapp Lite and standard Instadapp?
Instadapp is our full featured DApp that enables complex and advanced DeFi functionality. Instadapp users are able to execute DeFi strategies and other management functions. Instadapp Lite simplifies the process of accessing these yields by making them accessible through simple to use Vaults.
How quickly will I see my interest returns?
Instadapp Lite interest is paid out daily! Return 24 hours after you deposit to see your earnings.
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