Strategy Vaults
Your DeFi Strategy tokenized
Instadapp Lite utilizes Strategy Vaults to generate yield for your assets. A Strategy Vault is a smart contract which contains the specific DeFi strategy that the vault utilizes. What makes Vaults unique is the ability for users to make a deposit into a pre-set strategy without have to create or generate the parameters. Similarly when withdrawing users withdraw their position plus interest and do not need to unwind of manage the position to receive their profits.

Etheruem 2.0 Reward Staking Strategy

Most of our vaults will utilize a Ethereum based reward strategy, utilizing Ethereum's staking rewards to generate a consistent yield for assets. This strategy works by using DeFi protocol AAVE to receive deposits and back them with interest earning POS rewards.

Tokenized Deposit: iTokens

When depositing into the Instadapp Lite Vaults your account will be credited with a Insta Strategy token, this token represents your share of the Lite Vault. This token is similar to a atokens from AAVE or cTokens from Compounds, Insta Strategy tokens can be transferred and exchanges like any other token.

Withdrawing from Vaults

Instadapp Lite Vaults are actively managing assets to earn those juicy yields, the vault contracts hold about 10% of the assets ready to be withdrawn at any moment. If there is a decrease in the availability of withdrawals the contracts will rebalance to enable more withdrawals.

Vault Rebalancing

Instadapp Lite Vaults will periodically rebalance under specific conditions such as to move more funds to the withdraw pool, changes in market conditions, or if executed by the Instadapp team or through an open incentive mechanism.
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