DeFi Yields Maximized
Leverage Staking Rewards via AAVE

ETH Vault: How does it earn yield?

The ultimate ETH strategy for ETH Maxis! This strategy utilizes staked ETH from Lido.Finance or stETH in the AAVE protocol. stETH receives ETH interest daily, by utilizing a leverage strategy we can increase the staking interest earned by up to 3x.
Non-ETH Vaults: Expanding Yield to other Assets
Instadapp Lite offers yields for non-ETH assets, these yields are also generated from staking rewards through Ethereum. For non-ETH assets the vault generates ETH debt to deposit stETH collateral to generate Interest.
Sustainable Low Risk Yields
By utilizing Ethereum and other proof of stake tokens, Lite Vaults can generate a steady yield on a variety of assets
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